11-year-old Aiden had a difficult time with his mental health. Mum, Bobbie-Jo, wanted to find something that would allow him to spend more time with his brothers outside.

“I heard about Family Fund through a friend via the Facebook page. She’d liked it and I went on there to have a look at what she was talking about and decided to apply. It was a really easy process. A lady came round to the house for a visit; it actually ended up being on Aiden’s birthday.  She was absolutely lovely, we were worried about it initially but in the end it was very relaxing. Just went through some paperwork, it was really straightforward.”

“My son has Type 1 Diabetes, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, sensory and social communication issues, is undergoing autism diagnosis and severe mental health issues. If he could, he would spend his whole time playing in water. He hit a rough patch with his mental health for about seven months and took himself away from his brothers. We really thought hard about something that would help him to get out, even if it was just to the garden, so that he could try to remember how he had fun with his brothers and allow them to play together. So we applied for a hot tub.”

“Aiden is the middle of three brothers. He either wants that connection so will get in their faces, or physically needs to be left alone. The eldest is 13, he can get angry sometimes with Aiden getting attention and sometimes he finds Aiden’s behaviour difficult. He’s started reading up on autism and finding out about why Aiden behaves the way he does. The youngest is a gem and would do anything for anyone. He gives in quite a bit to Aiden, who can sometimes lash out at him. They might fight like cat and dog but they would be there for him.”

“Over the holidays we went to a fairground and Aiden had recently been diagnosed with mental health issues. He really wanted to get on this ride but was so nervous. He finally worked up the courage and really enjoyed himself with his brothers. It brought a tear to my eye when I looked back at the picture and saw him.”

“I’m not the sort of person to ask for things, I would give someone my last penny, and wouldn’t usually ask for help so if Family Fund couldn’t have helped I don’t know what we would have done. “