Having two boys with Autism couldn’t be more different as both of their needs differ, even when it comes to their bedrooms.

My eldest whose 11 years old has an ‘organised’ messy room where he will put the things he plays with in sections, but not tidily! And if I tidy anything it causes a meltdown. His room is bigger as he flaps and claps a lot so he needs more space. He has his toys around the outside of his room so that he has that open space for him clapping and flapping.

The problem I have is my eldest won’t throw anything away. He gets very attached to things and then we have a build-up of toys old and new. Thankfully it isn’t a huge problem at the moment as I have a 3 year old who loves playing with his big brothers old toys.

My younger son with Autism is 9 years old and his room is just messy, he throws things down rather than in order, but is a bit more laid back if I tidy it. His room is smaller but he has enough space for his toys and he likes to chill out on his bed with his iPad and snuggles in his duvet for comfort. He has toys under his bed and down the side of his bed and knows where everything is when he needs it. But if something is moved and he can’t find it he will make a loud noise to get my attention.

They use their bedrooms as safe places where they can go to unwind and calm down. Having a space where they can have their own individual downtime is really important to take away their day of anxieties and worries so they will spend time on their Kindles and iPads upstairs before bed. 

To make sure both boys relax at bedtime they have lava lamps and also calming space curtains that make their room a bit darker but not totally blacked out. They also both really find the sound of a fan comforting on a night so have one on each bedside table to get them to sleep.  

Simone is a new Family Fund Blogger