Set the scene. One open plan office, 22 clusters of desks, one mission… to put Santa’s grotto to shame!

Every year in December the competition is on at Family Fund HQ to decorate our “pods” (the banks of desks we work at) with a Christmas theme. The best decorated pod wins a prize, usually in the form of chocolate. With an average team of six people per pod and only three health and safety rules, things get competitive.

Strategy planning starts in November, teams pick their themes and become very hush-hush about the topic. The tension builds as materials are gathered... someone walks in with a pair of goggles, another person with a basketball hoop, and someone else dragging a plastic skeleton upstairs! Watching the decorations being pieced together day by day is a confusing sight.

We have staff who have worked at The Fund for many years, and staff who have only just started working here, but what we all have in common is how much we love what Family Fund do. So what do we do best? FUNDRAISE!

“Fundraising with Christmas decorations? How do you do that?” I hear you cry!

Previous years have seen the “dunk a ball and win a chocolate” “guess how many smarties are in the jar” and “what’s in the box?” All entries cost a donation and all the proceeds go to Family Fund.

So what’s in store this year...

Our Fundraising Pod did a Santa Ski Race!

 The Finance department played “Tree Poke”!

 And our First Contact Team had a bake sale!

 But the winner was…

Family Fund Business Services with their pod “It’s a Pun-derful life!”. A silly spin on the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life, with Christmas puns aplenty! 

Watch this space for the fundraising total from our pod games!

If you want to do some festive fundraising for Family Fund, order your FREE fundraising pack now.