136, that’s how many days it is until I take on the rather daunting challenge that is the Yorkshire Marathon. Training is well underway and, given the time between now and D-Day, I really should be fit and raring to go when the call comes, but there is a distinct underlying fear of what miles 20 to 26 will bring.

That fear is borne out of every “marathon running for dummies” blog that I’ve read, with virtually all of them stating that training and adrenaline will keep you safe until that point. Then however the trouble really starts; with your body effectively out of fuel it turns on itself, willing you with every fibre to abort mission and seek refuge in the nearest public house. That last bit may not strictly be true, but you get the gist.

It all sounds rather horrific, and some of you may be wondering why so many undertake such a task. As a marathon virgin I myself am pondering that right now, particularly as my participation largely began as a bit of a joke when my better half challenged a rather castaway comment that running a marathon “wouldn’t be that difficult”. After much bluster, and me furiously attempting to back-pedal, the conversation concluded with the phrase “yeah alright then, I’ll run the Yorkshire Marathon”.

This was a decision almost instantaneously regretted but I soon realised that it represented an excellent opportunity for a spot of fundraising. Hailing from York, and with a personal experience of living with a sibling with a disability, Family Fund seemed a natural choice to be the recipient of any funds raised, whilst a rather snazzy running vest in Family Fund colours only served to sweeten the deal!

It’s already been tough going, and is only going to get tougher as training begins to ramp up, but the knowledge that the end result of the many miles pounded is both funds and awareness being raised for Family Fund makes it all seem worthwhile.

I’ll keep you posted with another blog, probably in the run up to the marathon itself. Fingers crossed I’ll be in better physical shape by then!