Argos is our approved supplier for kitchen appliances in Wales.

You will receive an Argos card to purchase your appliance. This will be sent separately from your grant award letter.
These awards can only be provided through this supplier and we cannot consider a cash alternative. Your Argos card can be used online. Only the main carer is permitted to use the Argos gift card in the specified stores.

Using your card

Your card does not need to be activated, so you can use it as soon as you receive it. You must only use the money on the card to buy the appliance on your grant award letter. If your total bill is more than the amount on your card you must pay the difference before they swipe your card.

The total amount of your kitchen appliances grant must be used within 60 days from the date that your Family Fund award letter was sent, otherwise the card will expire and the funds will be lost.

When you have purchased your items please keep all the receipts for 12 months from the date of the purchase as we may write to you and ask for them.

To find out how much is left on your card please call 0345 640 0884 and select option 2. Other information about your Argos card If the amount of money on your card is more than you need please give us a call on 01904 621115 or email us and we will discuss how your grant can be used. If your card is lost or stolen please call 0345 640 0884 and select option 3. Download our Recreation and Household leaflet

Recreation and Household Items Leaflet