Your support could help children like Elijah, who just turned three. He was born at just 24 weeks.

He experienced the most severe category of brain damage at birth that still has a lasting effect on his health. Elijah is extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus. As a result, the family have spent the majority of the year shielding and have had to work less.

This has been an incredibly difficult time, not only financially, but also with the mental strain of knowing how serious the virus could be to Elijah.

With it attacking the respiratory system, the chance that Elijah would survive the disease is very slim, especially with his low immune system and chronic lung disease.”

Many families that we support have had to make difficult decisions about how to protect their child whilst still meeting their basic essential needs. Regular trips to the supermarket puts Elijah at increased risk of the virus. Family Fund was able to help, providing a fridge freezer, meaning the family can do larger shops less regularly and store Elijah’s special feeds safely.