Family Fund’s latest Annual Review demonstrates the delivery of our widest range of grants and support services to date.

Bringing key statistics and facts together with the stories of families raising disabled and seriously ill children across the UK, our dedicated, interactive Annual Review 2016/17 is now live.

Highlights and key statistics from Family Fund’s Annual Review 2016/17:

  • Family Fund provided 88,119 grants and services, including digital training, advice on tax credits, and information, advice and support visits worth a total of over £33 million.
  • Family Fund received 8,000 (11%) more applications for a grant compared with five years ago – with 84,749 applications made compared to 76,466 in 2012/13.
  • Newly developed services reached 25% more families compared with 2015/16, with 15,877 receiving additional info and support over the phone, training for digital devices, or support to receive full Tax Credit entitlements.
  • 2,541 families received funds for an urgent application, such as costs towards emergency hospital visits for their child, within 48 hours.

To support our work or for more information about Family Fund’s Annual Review 2016/17, please email [email protected].