We will achieve our vision for inclusion through five areas of work

Diverse and Inclusive Leadership -  Our trustees and leaders will promote an inclusive culture and the contribution it makes to our purpose.

Knowledge skills and awareness -  We value our differences and will create a culture for our trustees, staff and volunteers, where everyone feels they belong and can be themselves at all times and where they can participate and are valued for their contribution, experience and perspective.

Welcoming Workplace – We will become an even more diverse team, and will proactively demonstrate inclusion in our interactions with staff so that everyone feels welcome, included, empowered and confident to be themselves every day.

Equitable support for beneficiaries – We will ensure we are accessible and responsive to all and that our communications speak to, and on behalf of, the diverse communities we support so that all families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people can access the help that they need.

Measuring monitoring and demonstrating success – We are all accountable and will measure our progress and success. We recognise that we might not always get it right, but we are committed to learning from our experiences and making progress.  


We hold ourselves accountable and set goals to measure our progress

We will measure and share our progress each year, both internally and externally. We will be transparent in how we do this with the governance of our Inclusion work overseen by our Trustees.


We will include colleagues in this important work.

At Family Fund we encourage and welcome staff views. Diversity brings variety of thought and this variety will be encouraged in all that we do. Our Inclusions champions have an important role to play as they support the delivery and embedding of the Group’s Inclusion statement and are part of the conversation to shape our approach to Inclusion. They will lead and support challenging conversations and will encourage all colleagues to be heard.

We want to bring out the very best in our staff and enable them to reach their full potential. By doing so, we ensure we are a great place to work for great people.