Sarah's Great Run

Sarah Ray

I’m running the Great North Run to raise money for the Family Fund and the excellent work that they do for families in the UK.

York 10K

Matt Gardner

Running the York 10k to raise money and awareness of Family Fund.

Brian runs the Great North Run

Brian Stokes

After the challenge of the York 10K last year, the next step is being taken.

Ben and Jim's Brotherly Run

Ben Calverley

We're running the York 10k in August, motivated by the desire to raise money for a wonderful cause and reduce the number of chins in the family! The idea is that, by doing it together, we will be able to motivate each other to train and to run on the day relying on mutual motivation and natural brotherly competitiveness to deliver a time which is not altogether embarrassing!

Caroline Shooter

Caroline Shooter

Raising Awareness of Family Fund by running the York 10k!

Too stupid to stop!

James Barton

Because I never shut up about it, I'm sure you'll know that I've recently started a new job working for Family Fund. Please give to this wonderful cause.