We've brought together some helpful resources to help you get the most from being online:

  • Need help? AbilityNet have got you covered 
    If you’re having problems using your computer, tablet or smartphone, or have a question about technology, AbilityNet may be able to help. They have a free telephone helpline for advice and information, a range of factsheets, guides and other helpful information on their website, and a nationwide team of volunteers who can support disabled people (and family members/carers) in using technology at home. Visit their website or call 0800 269 545.
  • Staying safe
    The National Deaf Children’s Society, Internet Matters, Parentzone, Mencap and NSPCC are just some of the organisations who provide free guidance to help your child stay safe online. There’s also a handy toolkit available from Action for Children.
  • Advice and support
    Parentzone offers lots of helpful advice and information on things like online gaming, social media and preparing your child to use the internet. You can also download Digital Parenting magazine from the website.
  • Abuse and cyberbullying
    Think you know is a source of information for parents who are concerned about who their children are talking to on the internet or if you are worried your child is being bullied online.
  • Device specific support
    For users of Apple devices, including iPads, free training is available through Apple stores nationwide. Simply search for your nearest store to find out what courses are being run and sign up with your Apple ID. Take a look at our top tips on how to get the most from your iPad. You can also find help to use your Apple device from Apple Support. Guidance on using Samsung tablets is available from the Samsung support website
  • Finding apps
    Take a look at our Pinterest board for ideas on special education needs apps recommended by parent or carers of disabled or seriously ill children or visit Call Scotland’s website from which you can download a range of ‘app wheels’. You might also want to download the app called AutismApps, which provides details about a range of apps being used by people with autism, Down’s syndrome and other specific needs.
  • Further learning
    If you want to try online learning, Learn My Way has lots of short courses to help you use the internet. The Google Digital Garage also has lots of free online tutorials to guide you round using the internet, social media and a range of other online tools.

If you can’t find the guidance you need or would like help in using your device to meet your child’s specific need, sign up for training through our Digital Skills Programme.