Edward Timpson, Minister for Vulnerable Children and Families has asked Dame Christine Lenehan to conduct an independent review looking at the experiences of children and young people attending residential special schools and colleges in England.

The review aims to find practical outcomes for the government and other agencies who work with this group of young people. The children/young people in residential care often have the most complex needs and require the most intensive support. We are supporting this review by sharing the views of the families we support.

Dame Christine, Director of the Council for Disabled Children since 2003, is asking for contributions from you, as parent/carers, to ensure the review is informed by a wide range of views. She would like to receive evidence about any of the following questions:

  • Tell us about your child/young person’s disability.
  • Where do you live in England?
  • How and why did your child/young person come to be placed in residential special school or college?
  • What would you say good quality support looks like both pre- and post-placement? (Including the role of early intervention, family support and community services)
  • Do you think the pattern of provision differs across the country? Is your child/young person placed close by?
  • How could your child/young person’s experience be improved?
  • How effectively do you think the staff in residential special schools and colleges meet your child/young person’s needs?
  • Once our child/young person has left their residential special school or college, what’s next? What do you hope will happen?

Please send your responses to us at [email protected]

We may also conduct telephone interviews, please include your contact number if you would be happy for us to get in touch.

You can also respond to the review directly at [email protected]

Closing date for responses is 17 March 2017.