***Applications in Wales are currently closed***

We have once again received a significant number of applications for essential support from low-income families raising a disabled or seriously ill child or young person in Wales  and we can now only consider grants for applications that have already been received by us - Statement on pausing our grant making in Wales (Jan 2020)

This information is for families in Wales. If you live in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland, please visit our 'Who can we help?' page.

Our funding from Welsh Government is designed to support grants that:

  • Support families to take a break as a family
  • Support parents and carers to take a break from their caring responsibilities
  • Support families with items that help to ease some of the daily pressures they face.

We can consider requests for:

  • family breaks, either in the UK or abroad
  • day trips and other leisure activities
  • grants that allow parents and carers to take a break from their caring by paying for activity clubs, childcare and home-based support.

When applying for grants that support either a break from caring or a break for your entire family, think about what would be most likely to make a difference.  

We can also consider requests for essential items that help ease daily pressures, or sensory toys, computers or tablets related to the needs of your eligible child or young person.   Please note:  We have limited funding for these items and we may not be able to help with everything asked for, especially where items are of a high value.

We have contracts with a range of suppliers to provide the majority of our grants. The use of contracts allows us to arrange discounts with different suppliers, meaning that our funding goes further. The discounts we receive from our partners make sure thousands of additional families are helped every year and is an important revenue stream for Family Fund.

Where we cannot issue a grant using one of these suppliers, a representative from Family Fund will talk to you about the best way to issue your grant.

Find out more about the main suppliers we work with.

We are not able to consider requests for:

  • A car, other vehicle or driving lessons
  • Items already purchased

Requests where a statutory agency (such as local authorities or health services) has assessed a need and have a responsibility to provide the item.

Apply for a grant.

Find out about other support for families in Wales.