Are you a baker of cakes? Or even just an eater of cakes? Then join families across the country in a mass nice-cup-of-tea-and-a-sit-down to raise money for Family Fund at The Great Family Fund Tea Party!

What is it?

On 11 February, at 11am, we’re asking people across the country to help raise money for our work by hosting a spot of elevenses for friends, family, colleagues – whoever you want to have round! The aim is to have hundreds of bake sales and tea parties taking place

Why are we doing it?

Last year, we supported over 72,000 families with grants and services. But with around 900,000 families across the UK raising a disabled or seriously ill child, we know there’s still more we can do, but we need your support to help us raise the money to do so.

By asking people to join in by paying for a cup of tea and a cake, it gives lots of people a chance to raise a little bit of money. And a lot of little contributions can go a very long way.

How can you get involved?

Sign up to register your bake sale or tea party.

Find out more and download our fundraising pack.

Booking for this event has now closed.