Stranded Aelians Need Technical Assistance (S.A.N.T.A)

"A few years ago I came up with the idea of writing a story about Santa Claus. The exact details were a little sketchy and the idea had been done thousands of times before, but I had my own spin on the mythology. Then the thought of dedicating the royalties to a charity presented itself....Family Fund was the obvious choice."Read more

Natalie's Journey

"I'm the girl at school that used to jump into the bushes to hide during cross-country training. Then, when the class came back, I would jump back out and join in again. I hated running, every inch of my being hated running, but then something changed."Read more

Ellie's Boxing Challenge

“I wanted to do something that was a bit unusual. I’m quite a physical person anyway, and I wanted to really challenge myself, and do something that would raise a few eyebrows whilst raising money for charity.”Read more

136 Days

“Yeah alright then, I’ll run the Yorkshire Marathon”Read more

Kexgill Jump off a Bridge to Support Family Fund

Prominent student accommodation provider, Kexgill, abseiled 165ft from The Transporter Bridge, Middlesbrough to help raise money for Family Fund.Read more

A 'Tea Party'

Everybody loves cake whether it's chocolate, lemon or Victoria sponge. What’s yours? Personally I am partial to a slice of lemon cake. So the all important question is going to be do you want tea or coffee with your cake?Read more

Mum overcomes fear of spiders

Corrina, a mum from Brooklands, overcame her fear of spiders and held a tarantula for one minute, raising money for Family Fund.Read more

100 Miles, 10 Races, 1 Great Mum

Huge Congratulations to Ellen Badger, mum of twins George and Ruby, aged 7, from Sheffield for completing 10 races/100 miles all over Yorkshire all in aid of Family Fund.Read more

Community Fundraising Champion

Charity family fun day for Family FundRead more

Up, Up and Away

Mum Wing Walk's to raise money for Family FundRead more