A Year of Young People in Scotland

In Scotland, 2018 has been the Year of Young People – a year-long opportunity to celebrate the young people of Scotland and give them platforms to share their voices on the issues that affect them.Read more

T'was the night before Christmas

Alice and family get together to recite T'was the night before ChristmasRead more

I’m dreaming of a Cornish Christmas

"I’m dreaming of a Cornish Christmas, Just like ones I used to know"Read more

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"

"We're supposed to have guests But his brain needs a rest And there's tinsel all over the floor"Read more

In His Shoes

I may take a little longer to hit what you say are milestones, but I do hit them.Read more

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Sign and sing along with us as we wish everyone a Merry Christmas in MakatonRead more

Creating captivating Christmas sensations

"As Christmas approaches you probably encounter little sensory memories associated with childhood. For me the first bite of winter air makes me think of Christmas."Read more

Away in a manger

"Away in a manger the word autism was heard, The Doctor smiled nicely, with that we were spurred."Read more

In Marlon's shoes

"I had to ask the head teacher at his then primary school if they thought it was ok for him to come to school and have no support or idea of what was going on?"Read more

I imagine what he's thinking

"Many times, I’ve tried to put myself in my child’s shoes, to imagine what he’s thinking. I’ve watched him stare out the window processing all that’s happening around him."Read more

Naomi’s day at school

"I have to remember to put my bag in one place, my packed lunch somewhere else and then hang my coat on the right peg. It can be confusing to remember all that while others are talking and moving all around me and the lights are so bright inside."Read more

Children like these

I have two children with Cerebral Palsy. They are affected in totally different ways, and acquired their brain injuries in totally different ways, through completely different sets of circumstances.Read more

Get the most from your tablet

Having trouble getting to know your new tablet? Here are our top tips to help you get the most from it.Read more

Still Waiting...

"There is no guarantee with autism. That is the only fact there is."Read more

I Should Never Have Wished So Hard

"Epilepsy can take my son from me at any time.  I live with that fear constantly."Read more