My Diagnosis Story

Personally I find having a diagnosis so incredibly useful. It cuts out me blustering around trying to explain why they are behaving in a certain way or need allowances to be made.Read more


I can’t remember the actual day or time we received our news, but I do remember not having the first idea what any of it meant. And I also remember how I felt.Read more

Would you like a diagnosis?

Every assessment promised the Holy Grail: a name for this curious condition that causes this boy to hide away, living in his own bubbleRead more


I was extremely lucky portage advised me well, listened to my concerns and on a professional level agreed with me, which made it easier to know that there was something wrongRead more

All children are different

Health professionals were quickly involved and that began endless and copious appointments at the hospital with doctors, paediatricians. Finally Dajhanee was diagnosed with serve Global Developmental Delay.Read more

Moving on from an autism diagnosis

Telling family members provoked different reactions, one didn't mention Autism by name but sent us a note referring to our daughter's "problems"Read more

So your child’s received a diagnosis of autism? Here’s our story…

“It’s my fault”, “I need to get help”, “Why’s this happened to my child?”, “God’s punishing me”, “It’s because of…”Read more

Diagnosed with something no one has heard about

I tell people my son has autism. It is just easier that way. Then I happen to perhaps mention he has regular MRI tests and people look at me crazy.Read more

Does my child have Special Needs?

It only takes one exceedingly verbal child or one toddler who can hop on each foot to make you look at your own offspring and wonder why they can't do these things yet.Read more

Early Diagnosis is Key

For me, diagnosis, ideally early diagnosis, is key. We knew Hardy was not developing as expected, well before his second birthday. We saw a paediatrician when he was two years and one month old. He was diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder there and then.Read more