What I've learnt about Jude so far in this summer holidays…

I am learning a huge amount about Jude and his current likes/dislikes this summer.Read more

A Yorkshire Summer Holiday

Here are some tips for surviving the holidays, Yorkshire styleRead more

Connie-Mai's Story

Connie-Mai is a very bright, affectionate and forgiving little girl who gets nowhere near the amount of attention I'd like to give her.Read more

The Holidays

The only real plan I have is going to stay for a few days with my sister. I'm nervous with Z not sleeping and waking my niece up during the night, or getting her up early hours.Read more

Summer is like being on a ship out at sea

We hit some storms and dark days. Days when my son won't stop screaming or having seizures and we suddenly find ourselves with no support because the port called 'school' is closed.Read more

Come on, brother

They will spend hours and hours and hours engrossed in Lego play, using models built from instructions but now modified, improved and recreated to within an inch of their lives.Read more

Because of you I will always have a friend

Oscar, Alfie and Flo are still pretty young at the moment. Alfie and Flo certainly have no idea at all, that Oscar is any different from them or anyone else for that matter.Read more

A shout out to the autism siblings

She copes with getting less attention than she deserves and has learnt to play by herself to cope.Read more

The Queen awards Family Fund’s Salena Begley her MBE

The Queen asked about my work in relation to children’s welfare. I said what a privilege it has been to work for so many years with and on behalf of families of disabled and seriously ill children and young people both as a social worker and with Family Fund.Read more

A tale of two brothers

Robin is extremely sporty, Hardy spends all his time reading his atlas or working out sums. There is one factor that definitely links them – they were both tested for autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).Read more