It started with a shop assistant being kind

"Straws. Who thought a simple plastic straw could have me crying?" Read more

Out with the old in with the new

"Every year around April and September, I am overcome with the urge to purge." Read more

Trying new things

"Spring feels like it’s finally arrived, but I’m not all together convinced just yet!" Read more

Changing your parenting style

"I felt such a failure. I dreaded the phone ringing and his school once again saying he had caused more damage." Read more

What is love?

"This man, with hands the size of shovels, learned and then delicately performed the nasogastric feeds for his baby." Read more

Your child

"Most people ask or comment ‘How do you do it?’ out of admiration and a realisation that parents like myself don’t have it easy." Read more

Maintaining relationships

"It can also be hard to find friends that ’get it’, unless they have autistic children of their own." Read more

Reading Partner

"When we found ourselves in this situation, we allowed it to strengthen us" Read more

A Discovery of Songs

"It's difficult to write about the role music plays in our lives. It's not unlike writing about the role played by eating, or walking." Read more

The Benefits of Music For Autism

"I’ll never forget that first time myself and my mum heard him hum Twinkle Twinkle and we both looked at each other as if we’d heard something crazy." Read more

Nahid's song

"The other day, we were driving my sister to school when it came on in the car and I fell asleep. It makes me really relaxed wherever I am." Read more

Lost in music

Music has always been there for me in my life. Music has guided and shaped my years on this Earth. Music has seen me through the highs, the very lows, and back up again. Read more

A Year of Young People in Scotland

In Scotland, 2018 has been the Year of Young People – a year-long opportunity to celebrate the young people of Scotland and give them platforms to share their voices on the issues that affect them. Read more

T'was the night before Christmas

Alice and family get together to recite T'was the night before Christmas Read more

I’m dreaming of a Cornish Christmas

"I’m dreaming of a Cornish Christmas, Just like ones I used to know" Read more