A tale of two brothers

Robin is extremely sporty, Hardy spends all his time reading his atlas or working out sums. There is one factor that definitely links them – they were both tested for autistic spectrum disorder (ASD).Read more

For the Love of Siblings

I can name at least half a dozen moments where my heart has swelled with pride at their relationship and how it’s developed. Moments where they have supported each other, physically and mentally and I couldn’t wish for much more.Read more

Who would we be without our sisters and brothers?

For Edward, our autistic son, being part of a large family has helped him learn a lot about fitting in with a group and interacting with others.Read more

Sibling Syndrome

She watches her brother seize up to 45 times a day. The phrases she most often hears are “BP, just wait… please wait… not right now… I’m in the middle of dealing with B…go ask your sisters…I can’t right now…hang on…two minutes…”Read more

Sibling Understanding

Having children with special needs has to be one of the biggest challenges that I have ever faced. There are good days, bad days and days where I just don't know how I got through them.Read more

Our autism way

They have each other's backs and are extraordinarily protective of each other, even if it's not always shown.Read more

Sibling love, rivalry and life

Looking at my own four children it’s easy to see the amazing bond that they all share. Even with the range of disabilities they have, they are always there to love, support and annoy each other as only siblings can.Read more

ASD: A Special Destination

Like many parents whose child is diagnosed with autism, the words didn’t come as an absolute shock. It’s something we had been expecting for some time due to the involvement of a variety of Health Care Professionals.Read more

My Diagnosis Story

Personally I find having a diagnosis so incredibly useful. It cuts out me blustering around trying to explain why they are behaving in a certain way or need allowances to be made.Read more


I can’t remember the actual day or time we received our news, but I do remember not having the first idea what any of it meant. And I also remember how I felt.Read more