Best friends don’t have to be human

Every morning, she runs to give the kittens a hug, she runs around with some string for them to chase, and gives them a cuddle before she leaves for school – this is big as my daughter rarely gives cuddles to people.Read more

Best for both of them

Within a matter of weeks my daughter began to mention this child's name. She would smile and light up when she talked about Abigail, something I had never seen before when she mentioned any other names.Read more

Best friend Bruno

To Ayesha, Bruno is her world, her soul mate, and her best friend. He never argues, disagrees, tries to make his news more important, and he can eat an apple in under seven seconds!Read more

Educational Support Plans – trust the school

For the vast majority of Scottish families the simple answer to this is they trust the school.Read more

EHCP... Not my favourite experience

At times, I feel inadequate and unable to look after my child in all the ways that I need to. There are so many battles for any parent with a disabled child to fight that at times it feels that no matter how hard I try, some I will eventually lose.Read more

Trying to get an EHCP as Home-Educators

The good thing about the EHCP is that it considers ALL of the child's needs and not just the academic onesRead more

Primary to Secondary

Ooh, the summer holidays have whizzed by and new terms with new teachers are beckoning for my children.Read more

Nursery to Primary

Preparing for any child to start school can be a worry, when your child has Special Educational Needs, those worries can be magnified.Read more

Summer Holiday Challenge

This year I've set myself a little challenge for the summer holidays as I've gotten myself into a little funk.Read more

Variety's Not Always the Spice of Life

As you can see, summer holidays are not straight forward for us, and for many others who have children with autism. So how do we get through them?Read more

What I've learnt about Jude so far in this summer holidays…

I am learning a huge amount about Jude and his current likes/dislikes this summer.Read more

A Yorkshire Summer Holiday

Here are some tips for surviving the holidays, Yorkshire styleRead more

Connie-Mai's Story

Connie-Mai is a very bright, affectionate and forgiving little girl who gets nowhere near the amount of attention I'd like to give her.Read more

The Holidays

The only real plan I have is going to stay for a few days with my sister. I'm nervous with Z not sleeping and waking my niece up during the night, or getting her up early hours.Read more

Summer is like being on a ship out at sea

We hit some storms and dark days. Days when my son won't stop screaming or having seizures and we suddenly find ourselves with no support because the port called 'school' is closed.Read more