Maintaining relationships

"It can also be hard to find friends that ’get it’, unless they have autistic children of their own."Read more

Reading Partner

"When we found ourselves in this situation, we allowed it to strengthen us"Read more

A Discovery of Songs

"It's difficult to write about the role music plays in our lives. It's not unlike writing about the role played by eating, or walking."Read more

The Benefits of Music For Autism

"I’ll never forget that first time myself and my mum heard him hum Twinkle Twinkle and we both looked at each other as if we’d heard something crazy."Read more

Nahid's song

"The other day, we were driving my sister to school when it came on in the car and I fell asleep. It makes me really relaxed wherever I am."Read more

Lost in music

Music has always been there for me in my life. Music has guided and shaped my years on this Earth. Music has seen me through the highs, the very lows, and back up again.Read more

A Year of Young People in Scotland

In Scotland, 2018 has been the Year of Young People – a year-long opportunity to celebrate the young people of Scotland and give them platforms to share their voices on the issues that affect them.Read more

T'was the night before Christmas

Alice and family get together to recite T'was the night before ChristmasRead more

I’m dreaming of a Cornish Christmas

"I’m dreaming of a Cornish Christmas, Just like ones I used to know"Read more

"It's the most wonderful time of the year"

"We're supposed to have guests But his brain needs a rest And there's tinsel all over the floor"Read more

In His Shoes

I may take a little longer to hit what you say are milestones, but I do hit them.Read more

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Sign and sing along with us as we wish everyone a Merry Christmas in MakatonRead more

Creating captivating Christmas sensations

"As Christmas approaches you probably encounter little sensory memories associated with childhood. For me the first bite of winter air makes me think of Christmas."Read more

Away in a manger

"Away in a manger the word autism was heard, The Doctor smiled nicely, with that we were spurred."Read more

In Marlon's shoes

"I had to ask the head teacher at his then primary school if they thought it was ok for him to come to school and have no support or idea of what was going on?"Read more