Autism didn’t scare me

I honestly believed I was a terrible parent due to my son not hitting milestones, not sleeping, not talking, hardly eating. Then I finally had an answer to all my questions, and funnily enough, autism didn’t scare me.Read more

The perils of perfect parenting

I’m going to be totally un-British here and say that I’m generally pretty happy with the job of parenting we do with Hardy.Read more

The Recipe to be a Perfect Parent

I love and listen and I know sometimes I am that perfect parent in someone's eyes.Read more

I'm not perfect but I am perfect for them

I have a confession to make: I got annoyed at my children today! What? You have done that too? Seriously, why are we so afraid as parents to admit we are less than perfect?Read more

Spinning the plates

I’m strong believer that you cannot be effective with so many tasks to juggle; something has to give.Read more

Perfect parenting my way

Is there any such thing as perfect parenting? Or is it just an outdated way of trying to make parents tick all the boxes and, when we can’t, making us parents feel like failures?Read more

Inside Family Fund – Applications Officer

I know that even if I’m having a bad day, everything I do is helping families with children who have additional needs.Read more

Relaxation therapy

Amber’s sensory processing difficulties and anxiety can manifest in the form of frustration, at home especially, where she feels most comfortable.Read more

Holistic massage… our therapy

When it comes to therapies, in my mind, the best ones are the holistic ones.Read more

Should my non-verbal 8 year old be getting speech therapy?

If this is speech therapy, should my non-verbal 8 year old be getting speech therapy?Read more