Naomi’s day at school

"I have to remember to put my bag in one place, my packed lunch somewhere else and then hang my coat on the right peg. It can be confusing to remember all that while others are talking and moving all around me and the lights are so bright inside."Read more

Children like these

I have two children with Cerebral Palsy. They are affected in totally different ways, and acquired their brain injuries in totally different ways, through completely different sets of circumstances.Read more

Get the most from your tablet

Having trouble getting to know your new tablet? Here are our top tips to help you get the most from it.Read more

Still Waiting...

"There is no guarantee with autism. That is the only fact there is."Read more

I Should Never Have Wished So Hard

"Epilepsy can take my son from me at any time.  I live with that fear constantly."Read more

I Stand in Awe Every Day

'For a child that ‘couldn't learn anything’, he is now top set in all of his classes..'Read more

Big Achievements

That same night a mate said, “What ever the doctors and professionals tell you he can’t do, always add on ‘yet’.”Read more

My Child Plays By Collecting

"I am a huge believer that we should encourage individuals to be the person they are, and not have them change just to be like everyone else."Read more

Developing through play

Every child develops through play; from building bricks where they can hone those fine motor skills, to the make-believe where they make sense of the world around them.Read more

It Doesn’t Always Make Sense To Us, But It Does To Them

"Repetitiveness often makes people with autism feel calm. They can predict what will happen, because they have done the same thing many times before."Read more

Help! I’m Alone, What Do I Do?

"If I would make that effort for my children, if I would make that possible for my husband, then I need to see myself just as important."Read more

Valuable Time With Yourself

"I often found that I used to take time out and feed it with negative energy, therefore, not really using it wisely."Read more

Adapt, Improvise and Overcome

"Our family motto is "adapt, improvise and overcome" because let's face it, the life of a special needs family doesn't always go to plan."Read more

Calming Crochet

"It amazes me that I can do this, partly because I’m left-handed. I tried teaching myself before and... I got in a mess."Read more

Is Your Hero Special?

"How many famous people with additional needs can you actually name without looking them up?"Read more