Imperfectly perfect

"Today's the day I realised that all along, it’s been an imperfectly perfect journey." Read more

A place to unwind

"Having a space where they can have their own individual downtime is really important" Read more


I suppose he’s like; ‘This is my room, that’s the way I like it’. Read more

When your bedroom becomes your sanctuary

"Their bedrooms are a place where they can think, recover safely from a seizure or operation, read alone, have one to one time with mum or do whatever they need to do to restore their brain and body to calm." Read more

Bedtime bedlam

"Our son's bedroom is the smallest in the house and we keep it minimal for safety as well as sensory." Read more

Two very different bedrooms

"She has things in common with her older brother, they will play computer games together and he has shared some of his Manga (Comic books) with her." Read more

The kindness of strangers

"The whole time we were in the hospital I was expecting a ticket when we got out. But no, no ticket!" Read more

It started with a shop assistant being kind

"Straws. Who thought a simple plastic straw could have me crying?" Read more

Out with the old in with the new

"Every year around April and September, I am overcome with the urge to purge." Read more

Trying new things

"Spring feels like it’s finally arrived, but I’m not all together convinced just yet!" Read more

Changing your parenting style

"I felt such a failure. I dreaded the phone ringing and his school once again saying he had caused more damage." Read more

What is love?

"This man, with hands the size of shovels, learned and then delicately performed the nasogastric feeds for his baby." Read more

Your child

"Most people ask or comment ‘How do you do it?’ out of admiration and a realisation that parents like myself don’t have it easy." Read more

Maintaining relationships

"It can also be hard to find friends that ’get it’, unless they have autistic children of their own." Read more