The safety of familiarity

Even an apparently positive change can make things worse if it interferes with his schedule.Read more

Ways to help your autistic child cope with routine changes

Routine is part of all our lives whether we are aware of it or not. For some of us it is simply the order in which we get dressed or what programmes we watch on TV on a certain night.Read more

First SEND specific blog awards, ever

The first ever BAPS (Bloody Awesome Parents) SEND Blog Awards are taking place on Thursday 18 May in Coventry.Read more

Do you have a routine?

I was always very organised. Even my schoolbooks in my bag would be in height order so I could conveniently see which book I needed easily.Read more

Life in repeat mode

Sometimes I find myself giving a verbal plan for the next seven days before I even know I've done itRead more

Happiness is in the eye of the beholder

There's a type of happiness brought about by his world being in orderRead more

Happiness - the simple things in life

I've been reminiscing about Edward, my son who is on the autistic spectrum, when he was aged around five years old and trying to recall what things made him happy back then.Read more

Happiness is a deep acceptance

Happiness is rejoicing in who they are not who I want them to be.Read more

What makes Z happy?

There are many things that make Z happy – being outdoors, numbers and letters, and his iPad. He loves to listen to opening music on his iPad whilst spelling lots of words, or doing sums on the floor.Read more

Sensory seeking

Amber tends to ask for play dough every day, especially after school. She will hum to herself whilst she’s squeezing and manipulating the dough.Read more