Bullying in school

"Finally I got a meeting where the school said that he was being bullied. It was very hard to actually hear this."Read more

What’s important to me?

"There are many things important going into 2018, but the survival and well being of the NHS is the biggest priority for me."Read more

'Twas the night before Christmas

Routine out the window, B’s all of a flutter, Tears and frustration - the house is too cluttered. The colourful presents he pushes away What the heck’s with the oddly wrapped box anyway?Read more

Help me make it through December!

December can be a month of panic for many. Rushing to buy the must have gifts, panicking about money, stress of parties and kids nativities and Googling how long it takes to defrost a turkey!Read more

All I Want For Christmas is... Nothing

Through the course of our autism journey I have learned to adjust my expectations and balance introducing experiences to Joseph, which I feel he may enjoy, alongside letting him relax in his own world.Read more

Autism and present buying

Buying a present for a child with autism this Christmas? Here are a few tips to help you.Read more

An autism friendly christmas

Bowie has no concept of dates and times so he woke up every morning asking one word – ‘Christmas?’Read more

Christmas, how we compromise

Don’t judge me, this is a compromise, a way for us all to sit together, even if the thought of juggling a full roast plus the nuggets and chips always makes me feel a bit panicked come Christmas morning!Read more

Two Extraordinary Girls

I often feel guilty because from the moment Talia arrived, Lyla still had to come first and instead of the constant cuddles Lyla had as a baby Talia was left to entertain herself.Read more

A shout out to the autism siblings

She copes with getting less attention than she deserves and has learnt to play by herself to cope.Read more

Don’t let your child be a number on a sheet

Someone who had never met our daughter and was unlikely to meet her, decided her fate based on budgetary assumptions, she was a number on a sheet.Read more

Making school meetings work

If you are the parent of an autistic child the chances are high that you’ll have plenty of meetings with school staff.Read more

You, Me, and ADHD

I realised that this had to change, that I had to become the carer and voice that my children needed me to be. My daughter was two when she was formally diagnosed with a hearing loss and seven when she was diagnosed ADHD. I needed a big change in my confidence, and strength levels.Read more


I make sure my time with my son’s professionals is fruitful and more than a chance to look at each other’s faces!Read more

Things I find helpful when it comes to appointments…

I always write down a list of things that I want to discuss with the health professional. If I don’t, I can guarantee that there will be something I’ll forget.Read more