William is a five year old living in Gosport with mum Laura, dad Richard and his little brother Thomas. William has severe Autism and for the first few years he was completely non-verbal.

‘He was non-verbal, and concerns were raised that he would never speak.’

In November 2012, Family Fund awarded the family with a grant for an iPad. This helped him to learn the alphabet, count numbers and slowly he has started to put words together into sentences. He also used it to communicate in lessons at the special needs pre-school that he went to.

‘William loves using it, he uses a variety of apps featuring Elmo, trains, a cafe, Duplo and an interactive forest. He also reads interactive children’s books, especially loving the Three Little Pigs’.

‘William also shows things to Thomas, and can communicate with him using. He shows funny things to see Thomas’ reaction, it’s really fascinating’.