Meet Violet, a five year old who has raised over £1,000 in one week selling homemade lemonade to help disabled or seriously ill children. 

On Saturday 20 February, Violet decided to set up a lemonade stand outside her house at 10p a cup, and donate all the money raised to Family Fund. She made homemade lemonade, designed a sign and began calling out for customers.

Violet stood out in the cold for a hour shouting "Come and buy your fresh lemonade" but no one came and there was little passing trade. Eventually, a neighbour made a donation and a friend’s son came round just so Violet would have a customer.

Violet’s mum, Rachel, shared the story on Facebook, and local friends began to get in touch to see if she would be open again or do deliveries. Rachel set up a JustGiving page to receive donations, and by Sunday morning Violet woke up to donations of over £350!

Excitedly, Violet soon got to work with the help of Mum, juicing 49 lemons and completing 39 socially distanced doorstep deliveries of ‘lockdown lemonade’ to local friends! 

The JustGiving page has now raised a total of £1,012 for Family Fund at time of writing. One of Violet’s friends even got in touch to let her know they appreciated her work as they have personally received a grant from Family Fund. The family said "My heart is smiling. As a parent / carer, this charity has been like a ray of sunshine". Violet’s mum said "It definitely gave us a good feeling seeing how kind people are. I'm really proud of Violet and touched by the response."

Violet who is really missing her reception class and has found this third lockdown quite hard, said it made her feel "really happy to make lemonade and help people". We have also heard from reliable sources that the lemonade was simply delicious! 

If this has got your creative juices flowing and inspired you to fundraise for us, then find out here on how you can get involved.