Toheed is a typical seven year old boy. he loves playing games and sports on his iPad and DS. He lives in Keighley with mum Haleema, dad Sajid and sister Aneesa.

Toheed was diagnosed with Spina Bifida before he was born. His complex multiple health needs have to be monitored and managed on a day-to-day basis. Big sister Aneesa is a big help to Toheed, helping with homework whilst younger sister Anusha is a constant companion and they can play together for hours. “He’s good to be around”, says Anusha. “We make a good team.” Shine (formerly ASBAH) made an application to the Fund on Haleema’s behalf for a washing machine and tumble dryer. “These items were invaluable,” says Haleema. “We were struggling with Toheed’s needs and everything was new to us, if it wasn’t for the Fund we would have had to do without and struggled with extra washing.”

A year later, they approached Family Fund to contribute towards the cost of a sport wheelchair for Toheed, knowing this would have the biggest impact. Mum said, “This has totally transformed Toheed’s life, he’s able to participate in more sports and activities, plus it’s the first time he’s actually had a say in his design of wheelchair. Toheed is super thrilled and excited with his new wheelchair, he feels more included and his confidence has soared."