Suzy is seventeen and lives in Dumfries. When Suzy was born, she had a brain haemorrhage, which led to hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy. She uses a wheelchair and requires support in all areas of everyday life. Her mum, Patricia, found out about Family Fund a few years ago and has received various grants, and this year Suzy was awarded a grant for a Lay-z Spa.

“Suzy’s condition has an enormous effect on our family”, Patricia told us. “She is the youngest of eight siblings which makes things more difficult, especially financially. But the grants from Family Fund have really helped.”

“Over the last few years, we’ve had a cooker, a washing machine and days out as well as the spa. It’s absolutely amazing what a difference it’s made, it’s a really invaluable help. This year, we applied for the inflatable spa for Suzy. It’s really good for her because she can’t weight bear, being in the water takes the pressure off and is very relaxing for her, she really enjoys it.

If it wasn’t for Family Fund, I would have needed to save and save and save to be able to afford these sorts of things and the financial pressure would have been so difficult. We’re really grateful to the organisation for all their help, the difference it has made has just been great. Suzy turns 18 this year so we say goodbye to Family Fund, but keep up the good work!”