Rebecca applied to Family Fund for a tablet device for her daughter, Seren, as she felt it would provide access to a range of Apps that were designed for children with her specific needs. Seren has chromosome 10Q deletion, this means she has global development delay, hearing loss, visual impairment, problems with motor skills (such as balance) and autism.

Rebecca was awarded an iPad and given the opportunity to sign up for training through Family Fund’s digital skills programme. Apple Education Trainer, Ray Weaver, visited Rebecca at her home and delivered a two-hour training session.

The one-to-one training session allowed Rebecca to provide Ray with detailed information about Seren’s condition; enabling him to understand how the iPad might be set up to best support her. “Seren is verbal and communicates well, but she sometimes finds it tricky to pronounce some words”.

During the session, Rebecca outlined to Ray the extent to which she was able to use the iPad herself, and identified things she would like to be able to do using the device. Ray explained how to adapt the screen size and apply other accessibility functions. He also covered a range of features within the iPad that Rebecca and Seren could apply to help them use the iPad in a way that served both of their needs. Rebecca and Ray had worked through some tasks together and Rebecca was going to try working through some follow-up exercises on her own after the session had ended.

Training only took place last week, and so Rebecca and Seren haven’t had much chance to apply all of the things they had learned during the session due to school and other commitments. With practice, Rebecca hopes to be able to find and download Apps that were particularly suited to Seren’s age and abilities. Rebecca added that “The training was really useful and will help me to support Seren using the iPad.”

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