Mum Elaine writes...
"When my husband and I found out that both of our twins had Down's Syndrome, we were told that it was a one in a million occurrence. From them being two weeks old I started a Facebook page called ‘Ollie and Cameron’ and started posting updates on their day-to-day antics so that people could see their journey right from the start. Over the last two years we have received over 57,000 likes. We hope that the page will help people to realise that a diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome, either after birth (like us) or antenatally, is nothing to be scared or sad about."

"Ollie and Cameron are now local celebrities, we’ve had so many people waving at them in the street that now when we go out they just automatically begin to wave at people."

"I heard about Family Fund a lot on Down's Syndrome specific forums and Facebook pages. We also attend a local charity Parent2Parent group in Dundee and my husband’s auntie works for Kindred so I had heard the name Family Fund thrown around a bit. The charity is well known in our area and so I knew exactly who to call upon when we needed something for the boys that we couldn't otherwise afford."

"It was becoming too much of a struggle with the boys’ car seats. While they were safe it was taking its toll on us physically to lift two large toddlers into them. Obviously having twins the cost of everything immediately doubles and the car seat that I had been looking at was out of our price range."

"The car seats that the Family Fund granted have been a huge help. Both Ollie and Cameron have low muscle tone so positioning them in a front facing seat was getting more and more difficult. Now that we have the swivel seats we can turn the seat to face the door and just pop them in. It’s been a wonder on our backs and with the swivel function the boys feel like they are in a space age toy."

"We were really lucky to have the support around us to recommend the Family Fund. If we didn’t have that there’s no way I would have the time to research into additional help and care for two mischievous toddlers. Having the car seats has elevated that struggle when we need to go somewhere in a hurry, they’ve really made an impact on us as a whole family. Ollie and Cameron love singing and signing and are really good Makaton signers so I can watch them signing in the rear view mirror comfortable in their new car seats."