Oliver, now aged three, had a difficult start in life when he had to undergo life-saving heart surgery when he was two months old. “It was a very difficult time”, says mum Louise. “When I found out Oliver would be born with Down’s Syndrome it put a great strain on the family. He had two holes in his heart and for a while it was touch and go. This was a whole new experience for us and we were in shock for a while. Oliver had to be tube fed which we had to learn to do. All of this on top of what it would cost to travel to the other side of Scotland for Oliver’s surgery.”

After a referral from Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow, the Family Fund stepped in and helped with the cost of travel and accommodation whilst Oliver was having his surgery.

“This took a lot of the strain off us, coming at just the right time so that we could concentrate on Oliver” says Louise.

“Yes it’s been hard, yes we have struggled with Oliver’s health, eating difficulties and speech. He’s on the go all the time and needs amusing all the time, but he’s a happy little boy, happy listening to music or playing his instruments.”