Muhammad Yayha is three and lives in Keighley with his parents and his three brothers. He has hydrocephalus, spina bifida and talipes, but despite being in and out of hospital numerous times his dad, Shazad, told us “he’s still got a smiley, cheeky personality!”

“We found out about Family Fund from the hospital in Leeds when my son was born. The first time we applied, we were awarded a grant for clothing for our son, and a tumble dryer. Muhammad Yahya’s condition means that he is very prone to infection, so we have to make sure he always has freshly washed clothes. Without a dryer, we spent so much time and money going to the laundrette, so being able to wash and dry all his clothes at home was a massive help. I reduced my hours at work so that I can help take care of my son and spend more time with my family, so money can be tight.”

“This time, we applied for a trampoline, which has been a massive help. Now he’s three he’s started asking a lot of questions, he asks why he can’t do things, why he can’t walk, he just wants to go outside and play like other kids. Our neighbours had a trampoline in their yard and he saw that and wanted to have a go, and there he was bouncing on his bum! He absolutely loved it, it was so good to see him so happy, so we applied for a grant for a trampoline. He’s always out there, he doesn’t care if it’s sunny or raining. It’s something we can all do as a family, and his brothers enjoy it too.”

“Without the grant, it would have been a struggle to save up for these things, as going part time at work has meant that money is tighter. Our house was badly damaged in the Boxing Day floods in 2015 too, which made things a lot harder financially. We’ve been through a lot as a family over the past few years and having the support from Family Fund has really made a difference. It’s put a big smile on my son’s face, and the rest of my family’s faces too.”