Mum April can find family life quite challenging at times. Five year old Millie who has Down’s Syndrome has no speech and can become frustrated when she isn’t being understood. Mum feels that the focus of attention is always on Millie leaving sister Madison a bit side-lined.


“Millie can usually get what she wants and Madison just gives in”, says mum.   “We try to give them both the attention they deserve but Millie can get so angry at times and Madison will just take a back seat. However they do play together and Millie loves the Mr Tumble app on the ipad. Because Millie has no speech she’s a ‘watcher’ and can become quite engrossed in something.”


April first heard about the Family Fund from a support group run by the Education Centre for Children with Down’s Syndrome. “We’ve had two family breaks away which benefit Millie enormously. It takes her a while to get used to the change of scenery but when she does she just chills out.”


“Without the support of the Family Fund it would have been so hard to fund a break away. Although the benefits outweigh the costs it would still have been a luxury.”