Memmee and Micah are siblings from Reading, they live with their mum, Neema, and their little sister. Neema first heard about Family Fund through a paediatrician when the children were much younger. She told us, “Memmee is 13, she’s autistic and has learning difficulties and some mobility and sensory needs. Micah is eight, he’s also autistic and has a learning disability. Both of them rely on routine and can change upsetting. Micah finds it especially difficult to deal with new things. In the past we’ve applied to Family Fund for various things. Last year, we were given a grant for a laptop for Memmee, which has been great for her school work, she loves technology and science and things like that. This year, we decided to apply for a Lay z Spa as it’s something that can have benefits for all the family.”

“They have both had swimming lessons, it took Memmee a while to learn but she got there, however Micah found the water really distressing so I decided to take him out of the lessons as I didn’t want the fear to get worse. It took a while, but gradually he got used to the idea of the Lay Z spa, starting with lifting up the lid, then touching the water slowly, and then eventually building up to going in the spa. He really enjoys it now, he asks to go in the water himself. It’s very rewarding for me to know that he is able to step outside of his comfort zone.”

“Memmee also really likes the spa, the jets and bubbles are really good for her sensory needs. She likes the water to be colder though, so they won’t go in at the same time! People think it’s just a leisure thing but it’s also really good therapy. It can be difficult being a single mother of three children, especially when two have special needs, so we are really grateful for all the help that Family Fund have given us. It means a lot to know that there are people out there who care and can offer that much-needed support to families like mine.”