Maksymillian is six year's old living in Edinburgh. He likes swimming, reading books and watching cartoons. Maksymillian has autism and his father Niko first heard about Family Fund through the care services provided by their local authority and applied to us for a family break to Mallorca.

‘We have two kids and it can be difficult to balance work life and the needs of both of them, especially when one of them has special educational needs.’

‘We have worked hard to look after the kids, we had dreamed about being able to go on a nice holiday, but couldn’t afford it’.

The family break gave Maksymillian a chance to engage in new activities and take in a new environment. Niko has noticed a great development in his character since this family break.

‘Maks used to be nervous when going on trips to different places, but now loves it when we take him on day trips. On holiday, he couldn’t hide his emotions and he was so happy; this family break had an amazing impact on his behaviour and relationship with his sister. It has also helped develop his communication and social skills.’

‘Without you guys, we wouldn’t have been able to afford it. We applied to go on a break again later this year, and he became excited about his next holiday when the card came through the door’.