“Lily was diagnosed with Leigh’s which is a type of Mitochondrial Myopathy at two and a half and around the same time she stopped walking. While she has progressed as she has grown older it means that at seven years old she is unable to stand or walk unaided.”

“We were told several times about Family Fund through various different health professionals, but I thought our family income was too high. My friend finally urged me to complete the form, as it wouldn’t hurt to apply, and we were eligible. This is our first application and the amount Family Fund has helped us with to purchase Lily’s trike has been fantastic, we wouldn’t have been able think of purchasing it without your help.”

“Previously Lily had a small trike at home and one at school, but she had out grown both of these. We knew that the costs to buy a fully supported and adapted trike were not going to be cheap. With the help of Family Fund and another charity The Lacey Pearl Trust Fund, a charity created by a family who lost their daughter to Mitochondrial Myopathy, we were able to purchase Lily’s specially adapted trike from the Mobility Aids Centre. The trike mostly stays at Lily’s school as it enables her to ride around at break times with her classmates. But on weekends and holidays it comes home so she can have a bit of fun in the park and get some much needed exercise.”

“Lily gets tired very easily so we selected a trike with a parent handle attached, there’s a clutch that stops the pedals from working and means we can push her along. As she gets older she will be able to cycle to the shops and we are hoping to buy her little sister Willow a bike so that they can spend some quality time together.”

“Without the help of Family Fund we would have had to continue to apply to multiple other charities as it’s such an expensive thing, it’s lifted a massive weight from us.”