Kyle is 10 and lives with his mother Tracy. Tracy found out about Family Fund in 2010 shortly after Kyle’s diagnosis when attending a support network in Newcastle. In September 2013, Family Fund helped Kyle with a grant for an iPad.

“Kyle has Autism and ADHD, we need to tell him in advance where we are going and what we are doing. We even need to tell him which particular shops we are visiting before we head to the city centre. If we don’t do this it will cause meltdowns while we are out. He also can only spend a limited time with other people before he gets overwhelmed and overexcited.”

“The iPad is something Kyle uses at school and would have been unaffordable if it wasn’t for Family Fund’s help.”

“It has made life a lot easier; he uses it in school and works at home using the same apps. If we didn’t have the iPad he would struggle to do homework and revise for his SATs exams as we don’t have a computer at home.”

“Kyle uses it when he travels on buses, cars and trains, he also loves to research Lego Ninjago and look up all sorts of Lego toys. It can also be used in the same way when we all need peace and quiet, especially after Kyle comes home from school.”