Six year old Kylan adores anything with wheels. His mum, Hannah, said “He loves buses, bikes, trains, if it’s got wheels he loves it! He’s like a junior trainspotter, he can tell you all sorts of facts about a particular train just by looking at it. Kylan has a diagnosis of ADHD and Asperger’s, and we were told about Family Fund by a support worker at school. Initially, I planned to apply for furniture but after a stressful year of moving house several times we thought a break would not only benefit Kylan but would be good for the whole family.”

“We chose a break to Butlins, at first Kylan was nervous and scared about being in a new place. After the first day, though, he got used to it and he really came out of his shell. Kylan is normally hypersensitive to certain textures and doesn’t like being submerged in water but he gave all sorts of new things a try, he made slime at the science zone and even let the waves in the pool wash over him, which I totally didn’t expect. He even had a go on one of the fairground rides which would normally terrify him. I was so impressed with how well he did and how adventurous he was. His favourite part was the go-karts, he wanted to go on them every day and was racing around like a mini Lewis Hamilton!”

“Kylan can be quite violent towards his brothers at times, and they really enjoyed the opportunity to go and do their own thing, as there’s plenty to explore but it’s all in a safe, contained environment. They did take part in some activities all together though, and got along really well! I was amazed at how relaxed Kylan was when we were there. Since we’ve been back home he’s been a lot more patient with his brothers too. I would definitely encourage other families to apply, as it can really make a huge difference!”