Hannah is a 10 year living in Swansea with mum Imelde, dad Peter and 3 other siblings. Hannah suffers from ADHD and a severe form of epilepsy. While they try to shelter her siblings from Hannah’s condition as much as possible, it can be very stressful for them and her parents coping with the difficulties that Hannah has with her daily life.

 “It can be very stressful especially for the siblings, even more so when she has up to 30-40 seizures a day. ADHD behaviour has a big impact too, but we try to shelter the other children from this.”

 Peter and Imelde heard about the Family Fund from a social worker.

 “Family Fund has had an immense, brilliant impact on our family. We work full time, but we would never have been able to afford a laptop. Holiday’s would have been unaffordable, it’s necessary to just have normal things.”

Family Fund helped the family to afford a laptop one year and to go on a family break away thanks to a subsequent application. According to Peter this would have been ‘unaffordable’ if it wasn’t for Family Fund.

Hannah cannot read or write, so she loves using pictures on her laptop. The laptop has helped Hannah to use other forms of communication.

“She was already a bit if a chatterbox. She also loves the Laptop as a daily activity as she likes to be at home. However, the holidays are great, they give Hannah, her sibling’s freedom which is normally impossible and would have been completely impossible if it wasn’t for the grants awarded by Family Fund.”