We are so grateful to all our families who take the time and effort to raise funds for us. When we awarded an iPad to Charlie we had no idea that mum Dianne would raise £880 by baking and selling cakes.

Dianne, from Milton Keynes set up quite a little enterprise using family members as outlets to sell her cakes. Dianne says, “After we received the iPad for Charlie we wanted to give a little something back to Family Fund. With little time on my hands and with the busy everyday life that we have, I put a post on our Facebook page about the charity and about Charlie. I asked for help from our family and friends and asked if they would like to help raise awareness about autism and if they could hold a cake sale at their work in order to raise money. Little did we know that we would raise £880! We were so happy – so thankful for all the support.”

Charlie, a happy toddler, regressed in his communication skills when he was 18 months old. The next 12 months were emotional, stressful and at times heart-breaking. Endless trips to their GP, seeking professional advice, speech therapy and finally Charlie  was diagnosed with Autism when he was three. Though sad getting the official diagnosis the family knew that now Charlie would get the support he needed.

“When the Family Fund awarded Charlie an iPad we were over the moon, we are amazed with his progress and his aptitude for mastering apps, “ says Dianne.

Charlie, now four, is making excellent progress. “He can look us in the face with amazing eye contact, he can play and interact, he is developing relationships and most importantly has a great relationship with his older brother, Lewis. He is becoming more indepedant and trying to do things for himself, and he is learning and doing really well at a fab pre-school, with help from some wonderful staff."

“Yes he has a lot that he needs help with, and he has a lot of catching up to do but he is the most happiest little boy in the world with an amazing brother and a family who adore him to the moon and back."

“Times are hard on occasions and situations may be difficult, and we have to plan most things we do and stick to a plan to make sure Charlie is stress free, we have to understand that Charlie sees things differently to us, we dont know why but we have to try to understand.”