Georgina was born with a rare condition, Cytomegalovirus (CMV). She has previously had a stroke, severe epilepsy, has a visual impairment and other difficulties. Georgina’s condition has had a huge impact on family life. Siblings Adam and Hannah never know if mum Ruth will be at home when they get up on a morning or whether she will have gone to hospital in an emergency with Georgina. So much thought has to be given to take Georgina out including how busy and accessible it will be and Georgina has to be talked through the outing before she goes. “We simply can’t do what other families take for granted” says Ruth.

Ruth first heard about Family Fund from another family. “I applied for a holiday so that we could afford to take someone with us to help care for Georgina. This meant that we could also spend quality time with Adam (12) and Hannah (8), knowing Georgina was being cared for. Without the help of the Fund this would not have been possible, we could not possibly have afforded it.”