Helen first heard about Family Fund from Powys Council during a carer assessment. “When the representative came to our house for the assessment she recommended Family Fund to us. I did a bit of research and then she was more than happy to come back and help me with the forms.”

Ffion was diagnosed with Streptococcus A sepsis in 2013 which resulted in the amputation of her left foot and blindness in her right eye. This meant she was in and out of hospital frequently over a 12 month period. The family hardly ever got to spend quality time together.

“We requested a Haven holiday and booked to go to Greenacres near Aberystwyth. The site is only an hour and a half from our house so we didn’t have to tolerate too much ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ in the car. Ffion and brother Charlie, aged 6, spent most of their time in the pool, they are such water babies. Charlie is great with Ffion, he’s so helpful and caring and really will do as much as he can to support her. One of Ffion’s favourite pass times is swimming. Without her prosthetic leg she feels like any other child in the water. She’s a really confident swimmer, and is more than capable of swimming independently”

“At Haven we had the opportunity to create some wonderful family memories together, having fun on the beach and around the pool. As Ffion had been in hospital so much over the past few years a family break was just what we needed. The grant allowed us to go and create some early childhood memories for Ffion and Charlie straight away rather than have to save up for a couple of years; it provided us with a break when we really needed it the most.”