Faith is thirteen and lives with her parents in South Wales. Recently, Faith’s mum Emma decided to apply to Family Fund for a computer to help Faith with her learning. Faith has cerebral palsy and is hemiplegic, and the family hoped that a computer would also help her to develop her fine motor skills.

Emma told us: “We home school Faith, and whilst we afford the educational visits and the books and so on, we just couldn’t afford a computer. Although she has a tablet, it’s not fully equipped to do everything a computer can, and she needed a computer for her school work."

"I’m so glad we applied.  Within weeks we had a brand new, hi-tech computer sitting in a desk in Faith’s new school room! She was delighted. We particularly love the fact that it has a touch screen. As Faith is hemiplegic, she really struggles with her fine motor skills, so we have some activities on the touch screen that help her develop and practise these skills. She can use the computer easily and happily, and it’s helping her learning progress. What’s more, it’s also given her a huge confidence boost."

Emma said, "Family Fund have understood that it isn’t always easy to ask for help. They never made us feel like we had failed to provide things, instead they understand that children like ours tend to need more things to help them in life, which come at a massive cost. I’m sure a majority of parents like us feel like life can be a constant battle with other people, but Family Fund have shown that it’s not always this way – a little bit of kindness has gone a long way!”