Claire first heard about the Family Fund in 2008 whilst she was at family support group run by Capability Scotland at Westerlea Early Years Centre, Edinburgh. When the family applied for the first time they chose Haggerston Castle, a Haven holiday site that Elliot, Claire’s son loved.

‘We have applied to the Family Fund ever since we first went to Haven. We have had help with fencing for the garden which has completely transformed it. Elliot can now go out into the garden and feel completely safe, and I don’t have to worry that he will be running into the road, which he did like to do before.’

Elliot has Down’s Syndrome and is a very lively boy. He loves being outside and going to the park.

‘Elliot breaks a lot of things, in the past he has had televisions in his room and has smashed everyone. I think it’s because he wants to touch the screen, but he also broke the living room TV by hitting it with a guitar so it could be partly frustration as well.’

‘When the Family Fund were able to help with a new TV for Elliot I had decided to stop replacing the TV’s straightaway as I just couldn’t afford it so he had been without a TV in his room for over 6 months. He was so delighted when he got home from school and saw the TV his face was a picture. He said ‘Not smash this one mummy’ over and over.’

‘Before he would come home from school and be bouncing off the walls, now he gets home and asks me to put on Peppa Pig or Mr Tumble and will sit calmly and quietly for about half an hour which is brilliant. It also means that his two younger brothers get a chance to play with their toys while he is watching TV. Without the help of the Family Fund it would have taken me forever to save up because as soon as you have a bit of money saved something else always comes up that needs to be paid for first.’