Sacha heard about Family Fund through a friend who also has a son with autism. Her son Dylan is now four years old but when Sacha first applied in 2014 as a two year old, Dylan was already playing with his parents mobile phones.

“I knew an iPad would be great for Dylan as the software is the same as our mobile phones. Dylan usually wakes between 3.30-5.00am so this is a godsend as he will watch programmes or play games so we get some sleep! His favourite apps are Talking Tom, Mechanic Mike, Traffic Racer, Duplo games, YouTube and iPlayer.”

“In particular he will watch videos on YouTube of other children playing with toys. he observes as his natural instinct is not to play with other children, but then he will mimic what they are saying. It is a part of his echolalia but it has really helped him to learn chunks of information and to see that it’s ok to socialise.”

“Over Christmas I accidentally stood on his iPad whilst he was in bed. The next day resulted in a complete meltdown as the screen was totally cracked. I went out straight away and got it fixed as he is on his iPad almost every waking hour. The iPad is a brilliant distraction tool and Dylan will know when he is reaching a sensory overload and will go off on his iPad and play his games quietly. It really has been a lifeline.”