In 2008 Christopher had frequent appointments at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, he had a Retinoblastoma which resulted in him losing his eye. Staff at the hospital informed Christopher’s mum Denise of the Family Fund and she applied for transport costs to help cover the 90 mile trip between Wales and Birmingham.

‘The Family Fund have helped us with a few things over the years. Christopher particularly loves his Leap Pad, he will sit with his older brother who shows him how to play on there and then Christopher will copy him.’

Christopher will have a good go on anything and absolutely loves technology. His favourite thing is playing with his Lego or watching Lego movies and Mr Tumble.

‘He loves being outdoors, he would even go out in the rain if he could. He also loves having his photo taken. If I leave my tablet on the side for a second I will come back and there will be twenty selfies of Christopher on there.’

This year Denise asked the Family Fund for a bike, a camera and some outdoor play equipment, so he can take a selfie any time of the day. ‘He has been trying really hard to ride his bike, sometimes his foot will slip off the pedals, but he is giving it his best. We were also helped with a garden house with a sand pit underneath but we are just waiting for the grass to grow back and for some sunshine to get it built.’

Without the Family Fund we wouldn’t have been able to do half the stuff that we do together as a family, we would have been completely stuck.