Eleven year old Christopher lives with his dad, Rob, near Cardiff. Christopher is an energetic boy and loves going to his local trampoline club, and also takes part in drama classes. Christopher is on the autistic spectrum, and can have aggressive outbursts and sometimes finds communication difficult. Rob told us:

“I was told about Family Fund by a health visitor, about eight years ago when Christopher was first diagnosed. I spoke to some friends of mine who had accessed Family Fund, and sang it’s praises, so I applied. It was the easiest application form I’ve ever had to deal with! The first time we applied, it was for a tumble drier, because Christopher was having some problems in the evening with bed wetting. Being an active little boy of three years old, he was going through several sets of clothes a day, along with all the bedding. Trying to get everything washed and dried was hard work, so having a tumble drier; that’s still in use today has been really handy.”

“We were fortunate enough to be able to apply for a holiday each year, which has given Christopher the opportunity to have a family holiday we wouldn’t be able to afford normally. I’m a single parent, so funds are limited, but the grants have given Christopher the opportunity to have a break with either me or with his mum, and to enjoy the same things that other kids get to enjoy.”

“It’s had a huge impact on me and Christopher’s mum too. When Christopher’s mum takes him away on holiday it means I get a rest and it’s the same for his mum when I go away with him. It really helps both ways. I think it’s difficult for any single parent wherever you live, but in Wales we are a little underrepresented. I don’t feel that there’s really enough support available for people with additional needs, so people like the Family Fund have been an invaluable help.”

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