Bodhi is an energetic four year old living in Ceredigion, Wales. Bodhi loves playing on an iPad and is mesmerised by visuals in general, he also enjoys playing with his little brother and is a very sociable young child. Bodhi has a form of high frequency hearing loss and mum Jo applied to Family Fund after a suggestion from a local National Deaf Children's Society Advisor.

“Bodhi sustained a brain injury during a complicated birth, which left him with high frequency hearing loss and needing to wear hearing aids. It can sometimes take time for him to get involved in activities and it's important to provide access to lots of opportunities in order to help him to understand the world around him.”

In August 2015, Joanne applied to Family Fund for a tumble dryer and a playhouse; both items have brought great benefits to the whole family.

“Before we got the tumble dryer, we spent seven years going to the laundrette which was time consuming and the machines didn’t always work; it was also very difficult to dry clothes in winter. I now have more time for Bodhi and his baby brother.”

“The playhouse was also great for Bodhi as it helped him to get outside into nature more and form relationships and interact with other children by playing with them in the playhouse. It also helped us to bond as a family as Bodhi and I painted it and his dad helped connect all the pieces together.”

“Family Fund and their grants have been really positive for us as a family”.