Bethany is eight years old and lives in Devon. Her mum, Kirsty, first heard about Family Fund through a disability group that Bethany attended when she was younger.  Kirsty told us, “Bethany has Mowatt Wilson syndrome which is a very rare condition, there are only about two hundred people with the syndrome worldwide. She also has another syndrome which is unnamed. As well as this, Bethany is registered blind, and has global delays which mean she can’t walk, talk or eat, and has a heart condition”.  As a result, Bethany requires round-the-clock medical care.

“There are things that Bethany can’t do and places she can’t go because she gets tired or frustrated, which means we spend a lot of time at home.  We applied for the Lazy Spa because it was something we could use together as a family at home. Bethany really benefits from using the hydrotherapy pool at her school, but she often can’t take part as she gets a lot of infections, so we thought a Lazy Spa at home would be great for her.

“Bethany absolutely loves being in the Lazy Spa, as you can tell from the photos! We’re using it to do a lot of her therapies, it really helps to loosen her limbs up. We can’t take her into a regular swimming pool because she has a heart condition, but because the Lazy Spa is nice and warm we can get a lot of therapy done, and she just thinks it’s brilliant.

“Without the grant from Family Fund, we wouldn’t have been able to get a Lazy Spa for Bethany, which would be such a shame. She misses out on using the pool at school because of infection, so it’s really great that we have a space at home now which we can use for her hydrotherapy. The help that Family Fund has given us has just been amazing.”