Four year old Autumn from South Wales is a huge fan of Mr Tumble, and loves to watch her favourite programmes Olobob Top and Pablo.  Her dad, Liam, said “We first heard about Family Fund when Autumn was going through the autism diagnosis process, from a parenting course leader. We had no idea what was available, but she was really helpful in telling us about different types of support we could be eligible for. Autumn’s condition means that she can get easily frustrated and upset which leads to meltdowns, which can make things difficult, especially when getting ready for school in the mornings or if we’re on a tight schedule.”

“After some consideration we decided to apply for sensory equipment, to help her keep calm and focused. When the grant was awarded we were really pleased, and took our time on the Learning Space website making sure that the items we chose would be of the most benefit to Autumn. We went for a bubble tube, infinity mirrors, bouncy light up toys and a fidget cube which is great for in school. We’ve turned the area under the stairs into a sensory den for Autumn where she feels safe and relaxed, and can go and chill out when things get too much for her.”

“It’s had a really big impact already. She feels much more at ease now, and if she feels in any way stressed out or upset she can go into her den and relax. Everything feels calmer now, mornings have been far less stressful for all of us and Autumn is much happier. I’m really pleased we applied and would definitely encourage other families to see how Family Fund could help, it can really make a difference.”