How we help

We give grants to families across the UK who are raising disabled and seriously ill children aged 17 and under.

What we help with

Mum using her new washing machine.

We will look at any grant request that relates to the needs of a disabled or seriously ill child, young person and their family.

Families often apply for essential items such as washing machines, but we can also help young people aged 17 and under with grants that have particular meaning to their age group, such as equipment for college.

Due to our limited funding, we are not always able to meet the full cost of every item requested.

How often we help

We try to help families raising a disabled or seriously ill child or young person once every year and will look at a grant application usually 12 months from the date of the last grant.

We do understand that sometimes the need for help can be greater, especially if there is an emergency or critical situation relating to a disabled child or young person. If this happens we try to be flexible and consider an early application. All our grants are discretionary and subject to available funding.

How we make awards

Our payment cards for electrical grant items.

Depending upon what you have asked for, we will award your grant in a number of different ways. All of our grants are awarded on the basis that they are used only for the purpose they are given.

We may provide you with:

  • A payment card for a request for kitchen appliances, clothing, furniture, home entertainment and leisure items.
  • A product delivered to your home direct from a supplier for computers and tablets. If you live in Northern Ireland this will include kitchen appliances.
  • A travel card from a supplier towards a family break, or a payment directly to the supplier. We work with Butlins, Haven and Travel by Inspire for family breaks. Travel by Inspire can arrange flights, UK breaks and overseas breaks with many of the most popular travel companies.
  • A payment may also be made into your account or direct to the supplier for some specialist items. If you do not have a bank account, you can nominate and provide the details of a person into whose account you may have your grant paid.