Help for games console packages

Using your card to buy your
games console package online

You can use the card awarded for your grant to buy your games console package online. To do this, you will first need to obtain a payment 'ecode' from the flexecodes website. Once there, you will find instructions on how to convert the balance on your card into an ‘ecode’ that you can then use to buy your games console package online from Amazon.

What is a flexecode?
A flexecode is quite simply a code that you use for the payment of your games console package whilst at the checkout on

How do I get my flexecode from the card awarded to me?
• Click the link below to go to the flexecodes website.
• Once on the site, choose the ecode you would like to purchase with your card.
• Register your email address to receive your ecode(s).
• Once you have received your ecode by email, use it to shop online.


Get started by clicking on this button to go to the flexicode website. If you need any help with the process, please refer to the walkthrough instructions pdf in the downloads below.