What we do

Image of Fund staff with a family we have helped.

Our vision drives all that we do

In 2013/14 the Family Fund provided support to some 68,500 families who live on the lowest of incomes while caring for disabled or seriously ill children. We remain most grateful to the four UK governments for their funding, which provides a lifeline for many families.

We help families lead ordinary lives by providing grants for things that families tell us they need and that make life easier for the disabled child, young person and their family. We can help with essential items such as washing machines, fridges and clothing but can also consider grants for sensory toys, computers and much needed family breaks together.

We remain extremely efficient and the Fund’s eligibility criteria are set and regularly reviewed by our Board of Trustees. We work within an annual fixed budget and there is no automatic entitlement to our help. The Fund cannot assist where there is a responsibility on a statutory agency to help with the requested item and all grants are discretionary and depend on our having funding available.

We know there are so many more families that need our help. Our efficiency and our negotiations with commercial partners enable us to help additional families every year but we want to do much more. With this in mind, the Fund has continued to develop new sources of income. We also offer other charities payroll administration, financial accounting and grant-making services. Income from our ventures goes to help families with disabled children. But we know that there are even more challenges that these families face as they try to make ends meet.

Image of a family we've helped.

Campaign with us

The Family Fund continues to try to influence government about the needs and rights of disabled children and are active members of the Every Disabled Child Matters campaign, For Scotland's Disabled Children, Children Matters Wales and Children with Disabilities Strategic Alliance, Northern Ireland.  Through these organisations, we can help make sure the voices of families are heard.

To find our more go to:

Every Disabled Child Matters campaigns for all disabled children and their families to have the right to the services and support they need to live ordinary lives. EDCM challenges politicians and policy-makers to make good on the Government’s commitment that every child matters.

For Scotland's Disabled Children - There are lots of ways for everyone to help for Scotland's Disabled Children (fSDC) secure rights and justice for disabled children and young people. By working together, we can turn good intentions into better lives

Children Matters Wales - The DCMW campaign is all about disabled children and young people coming together with their families and friends to make sure that the Welsh Assembly Government makes disabled children and young people a priority over the next three years.

Children with Disabilities Strategic Alliance, Northern Ireland -  Children with Disabilities Strategic Alliance [CDSA] focuses on informing and influencing strategic policy issues that impact on children and young people with disabilities.

Mumsnet, the UK's busiest parenting website, has joined forces with Every Disabled Child Matters to ensure that families with disabled children get the support they have been promised.  

The Family Fund because of its unique relationship with families is often approached for case studies and family stories that can be used to highlight the needs of disabled children.  If you are interested in helping us to change the lives of disabled children for the better and would like to share your story, please email comms@familyfund.org.uk