Joseph's Story

"Joseph doesn’t sleep. He will disturb everyone in the house during the night; he has no concept of time and just thinks as soon as he is awake that it’s time to get up."Read more

Amber's Story

"The iPad has had a really positive impact on our family"Read more

Lily's Trike

"Previously Lily had a small trike at home and one at school, but she had out grown both of these. We knew that the costs to buy a fully supported and adapted trike were not going to be cheap"Read more

Jack's Story

“It was lovely to be able to relax together as a family, and do things that we couldn’t do at home."Read more

Thomas's story

Thomas loves to play and create on Minecraft, and having the new computer has given Thomas the opportunity to literally create a world of his own.Read more

Alice and Molly's story

"It was great to have chance to recharge our batteries and just to get away from it all for a few days"Read more

Toby's story

This helps Toby stay focused and helps me keep control over what he does on the iPad.Read more

Bodhi's story

“The playhouse was also great for Bodhi as it helped him to get outside into nature more and form relationships and interact with other children."Read more

Sean's story

“Sean has always loved Casper, he would push his head in the pushchair and Sean would stroke his nose. As we pull into the farm Sean gets so excited, if Casper stops when they are riding Sean will shout ‘Go Again, Go Again!"Read more

Charlie's tandem

“It can be emotionally and physically draining for both of us as parents, but also his sister who is 18 months older”Read more