What defines a hero?

Christopher Reeve once said, "a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”Read more

When my son cuddles another woman

I should feel jealous shouldn’t I?! Those cuddles should be all mine and I suppose I am a little but really I smile. I feel happy to catch these moments and even relieved.Read more

My unsung heroes

So why is he my hero? Because he is there for us. If I need him to come home he will, if I need to cry he holds me, if I am starting to let life get to me he brings me back to earth.Read more

Our 'Support Crew'

When I heard Family Fund’s October blog theme was ‘Our Support Crew’ I was excited to celebrate the people that have been there for us as a family, especially over the past two years. I am often telling the people who support us how grateful I am, but it’s also great to celebrate these wonderful people in a blog post.Read more

iPads and unexpected support

We are constantly thrilled by the ways parents apply the tools of Book Creator: family members whose pictures speak to the child when pressed, objects that read out key facts about themselves or safety advice, maps that say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when you tap a direction, photos that explain the emotion they are expressing.Read more

Family and friends

My parents came up to give us a hand. I can still remember my mum standing by the hospital bed as I wearily attempted to breastfeed baby twins at the same time only to realise that it's impossible to do that and simultaneously blow your own nose.Read more

A special thank you to special people

And then they offered respite sessions. Once every four weeks they took the children out on days out, these children got to access things that they maybe wouldn't have been able to access with their own families for a number of reasons.Read more

Who are your support crew?

My support crew have been my support crew from day one. My parents.Read more

Above and beyond

When you place your child in anyone else’s care you have to feel you can trust them. When your child is also extremely vulnerable and non-verbal, that trust is more difficult to achieve.Read more

People make all the difference

There are some people who I think are an essential part of the kit when you’re a Mum to a child with disabilities.Read more