Stuck at home mum

It’s an awful thing to admit, but if I’m honest sometimes I feel like I’m a stuck at home Mum - not a stay at home one.Read more

Juggling too much in 2017?

Seeing people who love us is a vital part of getting the balance right for any familyRead more

The family project manager

It’s amazingly difficult to balance life and work especially when you have a child with a learning disability.Read more

Balancing acts

I had no idea that my main career would be caring for a family out of the ordinary.Read more

My shining star

That time of year is here again with Mothers creating costumes from bed sheets and card.Read more

It's Christmassss!

We are one of the 'lucky ones' as despite the fact that Christmas is such a hard time, Stanley does like our Christmas tree and all the pretty lights.Read more

Food Glorious Food

At this time of year we are bombarded with images of happy families sitting down to a lovely Christmas dinner but I wonder how many families actually achieve anything vaguely resembling this?Read more

Our alternative Christmas dinner

Adding together the stress of Christmas and the anxiety he associates with food could be a recipe (no pun intended!) for a meltdown of epic proportions. For me though, it’s not a battle worth engaging in.Read more

Our traditional Christmas dinner

My son's severe autism doesn't just stop and give him a day off because it's Christmas!Read more

When your child won't eat at Christmas

Selection boxes would sit untouched in a cupboard for ever. She has an Easter egg unopened in the cupboard from April which I will have to throw out.Read more