Should my non-verbal 8 year old be getting speech therapy?

If this is speech therapy, should my non-verbal 8 year old be getting speech therapy?Read more

Therapies – a mixed bag

even the smallest amount of support brings you closer to your childRead more

Therapy & parent empowerment

We've had mixed experiences with Hardy's therapists over the last three and a half years.Read more

Play Therapy

I shared Amber’s love of any messy/sensory activities as she was a huge sensory seekerRead more

Messy play to encourage new foods

He took to his portage worker straight away, and to see that little bond grow week after week was amazing.Read more

Inside Family Fund – First Contact Team

“Working as part of the First Contact Team means families sometimes get in touch with difficult questions or distressing circumstances. Being able to help people and know that we can make a small difference to our families makes it worthwhile.”Read more

Many hands make light work

We can't share everything out perfectly, but for me, the most important thing is that Hardy's dad is an absolutely equal partner in his son's upbringing.Read more

Keeping all the balls in the air

When you have a child with special needs you juggle, let’s be honest when you have kids you juggle, but with additional needs there is just more to do.Read more

Dear Friends

"When I call you asking for some adult time "I just want to be me for a little while" you're there waiting with wine."Read more

Stuck at home mum

It’s an awful thing to admit, but if I’m honest sometimes I feel like I’m a stuck at home Mum - not a stay at home one.Read more