Back to school

Neave is not looking forward to wearing her uniform at all and I am sure that she would absolutely love to get some more wear out of her plethora of summer dresses and pretty purple skirts.Read more

School is a difficult subject

School is not a subject I find easy to talk about - and my son Brody doesn’t even go yet.Read more

School morning routine

Is it bad of me to admit that I sometimes find myself wishing away the holidays spent with my children, just to get to the end of the holidays and back into a semblance of normality?Read more

The battle is over

He often asks at the weekend ‘school today?’Read more

Five things the public do that are NOT helpful in preparing my child with special needs for returning to school

Preparing a child with additional needs to return to school after a long summer break is about much more than buying new shoes, new uniforms or even a new bag.Read more

Schools going the extra mile

As far as I know Edward was the only child in his class with autism.Read more

Preparation for starting school

Amber thrives on structure and routine, she gets up every morning and asks “what are we doing today?”Read more

Back to School

To be honest I don't think it would affect Z where ever he was, he loves school, he didn't want to leave when we went to look around, and he can't wait to get in every afternoon.Read more

Power of technology

The iPad – a controversial subject in the Autism World! Some professionals believe it’s the root of all evil (ok I over exaggerated a bit but you get what I mean!).Read more

The power of technology

Neave had just started primary school and we had noticed that she had shown a keen interest in computers or at least the keyboards that were attached to them.Read more