Our traditional Christmas dinner

My son's severe autism doesn't just stop and give him a day off because it's Christmas!Read more

When your child won't eat at Christmas

Selection boxes would sit untouched in a cupboard for ever. She has an Easter egg unopened in the cupboard from April which I will have to throw out.Read more

How much time and effort do you put into Christmas dinner?

Me, I spend days and weeks planning what we are going to eat, making sure that I have at least one or two things that each person will like. I have the food shop ordered already this year to save on the stresses of food shopping with the masses.Read more

Challenging behaviour – Learn the triggers

I'm starting to get to know a lot of Z’s triggers at the start of a meltdown, so I've started to count down from three to oneRead more

Tips for coping with violent behaviour

What we’ve learnt is that there are no quick fixes.Read more

When autism consumes my son

It's the cloak of autism and sensory overload controlling my son like a puppet, while inside he's scared and confused.Read more

Managing challenging behaviour and meltdowns

Challenging behaviour and meltdowns are something that I deal with every day.Read more

What if his challenging behaviour is actually a cry for help?

When he drags me out the door and onto the street, some professionals feel I should ignore him or retrain him. How then would he be able to show me the reason for his fear?Read more

Trustees' Week - Lucy Williams Spotlight

This week is Trustees' Week and we have interviewed some members of our Board of Trustees to show the important work they do as volunteers, and to thank them for their contribution. Our final interview is with Lucy Williams.Read more

Challenging behaviour

The half term caused a lot of frustration, we were mid house move which meant everything was upside down, we were out of routine and she was grumpy...this meant lots of screaming, hitting, trashing rooms and bit more screaming for good measure.Read more